Regional Collaboration with Jordan

Regional Collaboration with Jordan

The Dead Sea-Arava Science Center is a partner in various trans-border projects:

  1. Renewable energy – improving solar energy technology and cooperative research of bio-energy.
  2. Ecology and biology – researching the topics of local hyper-arid desert and utilization of unique local flora.
  3. Geology, water and climate change – geology and earthquakes in the Arava, the reciprocal relation between climatic fluctuations in the past and present, floods and groundwater, political management of the Dead Sea Basin as a common resource.
  4. Health and environment – unique local flora, the therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea.
  5. Education – cooperative trans-border programs for the study of science and environment.

Since 2010, Jordanian and Israeli research colleagues participate in an annual cooperation conference in Jordan. This project is organized by Dr. Hanan Ginat, Scientific Director of the Science Center, and Yael Maor, Director of the Science Center.

The third annual conference took place in December 2012 and was attended by 70 Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli researchers. During the 2 day workshop, the participants presented their progress with joint projects. Also, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet researchers, and plan future collaborations.

The fourth annual conference took place in November 2013 and gave the Israeli and Jordanian colleagues the opportunity to strengthen their scientific partnership. Additionally, a field trip was conducted along the Aqaba coast.