Hanan Ginat

Hanan Ginat

Research Area: 

My field of specialization is Earth Science concentrated in younger geological and geomorphological phenomena. For the past 27 years I have conducted multidisciplinary research in earth sciences and science education, the first ten years as part of my M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies. Since then I continued to work and publish on various topics related to the interface of young geological and geomorphological topics

Selected Publications: 
      • R. Rabinovich, H. Hanan, M. Schudack, U. Schudack, S. Ashckenazi-Polivoda and G. Rogolsky A late Cretaceous elasmosaurid of the Tethys Sea margins (southern Negev, Israel), and its palaeogeographic reconstruction. Netherlands Journal of Geosciences, Available on CJO 2014 doi:10.1017/njg.2014.26
      • Ginat H., Rybakov M., Shirman B and Lazar M., 2014, Magmatic occurrences in    the Central Arava (southern Israel) based on Geology and Magnetometry. Asian Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 85, 12-Jan-2014, Pages 106-116.
      • Ginat H., Beyth M. and Crouvi O., 2008, Geomorphic evidence for young tectonic activity around Har Timna, Israel Journal of Earth Science, v. 57, pp. 213-229. (no citations according web of knowledge).
      • Ginat H., Shlomi, Y., Batarseh, S., Vogel, J., 2010, Reduction in precipitation levels in the Arava Valley (Southern Israel and Jordan), 1949-2009, Published in the Electronic Journal of the Dead Sea and the Arava Science Center.7 pp. 9no citations according web of knowledge).
      • Mischke S., Ginat H., Saqarat B. and Levin A., 2011, Ostracods from water bodies in hyperarid Israel and Jordan as habitat and water chemistry indicators. Ecological Indicators. Ecological Indicators. v14, pp 82-86.
      • Issar A., Ginat H., Zohar M., 2011, The impact of climate changes on the passage and settlement of human societies in the Negev during the Quaternary. Journal of Arid Environments. v. 30, pp 1-7.
      • Bruins H., Sherzer Z, Ginat H., Batarseh S., 2012, Degradation of the springs in the Arava Valley: Anthropogenic and Climatic Factors. Journal of Land Degradation and Development v. 23, pp 365-383.
      • Avni, Y., Segev, A., Ginat, H..2012. Oligocene regional truncation surface (RTS) in southern Israel: Documentation of principal tectonic stage in the structural development of margins of the Dead Sea transform and northern Red Sea. GSA Bulletin. v. 124 no. 11/12, pp 1871-1897.


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