The 5th Acacia Conference

The fifth international “Arava Acacias: Past, Present & Future” conference hosts researchers from Israel and around the world who study acacia trees or other desert plants.

The conference takes place in Hazeva (Vidor Center, Yair Station), and invites residents of the Arava, environmentalists, scientists and educators to participate.

The two-day conference includes lectures and a field trip. The first day will be devoted to scientific research and advances on the topic. This year a photography contest titled “Human-Nature Conflicts in the Arava Region” will be exhibited. On the second day, participants will tour the various research areas and several field methods will be demonstrated.

The Arava Acacias conference is organized by the Acacia Study Center, Dead Sea and Arava Science Center.


Objectives of the Arava Acacias conference:

  • Increasing awareness of the importance of acacias in the Arava and the world as a keystone species and a model for understanding survival in extreme conditions;
  • Increasing awareness of scientific studies conducted in the Arava, and their local and global importance;
  • Disseminating information derived from Arava-based research to the residents;
  • Exposing the community to local environmental content.

The conference is organized by Acacia research center under the auspices of the Dead sea and Arava science center.

The organizers are:​

Rotem Meiri (Nilovizky)

Gidon Winters Ph.D

Join us for the 5th acacia conference

When ? 06-07th of November 2019

Where ? Vidor Center, Yair R & D station (near Hazeva Field School).

Preliminary Program   Acacia in the Arava- Past, present & future – 5th conference:

  1. Growth dynamics of Acacia tortilisat the edges of its distribution: Implications for Acacia growth dynamics under global change. Dr. Tamir klien, Weizmann Institute of Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  2. The effects of reducing the grazing pressure in the Acacia gazelles enclosure, on Acacia trees foliage regeneration. Dr. Tal Polk, Ecologist of the Arava region, southern district, INPA.
  3. Long Term Population Dynamics of Acacia – A Case Study from Two Alluvial Fans in Eilat Region, Israel. Dr. Racheli Armoza-Zvoluny, Desert & Dead sea R&D.
  4. Acacia LTER in the Arava. Preliminary results. Rotem Meiri, Desert & Dead sea R&D
  5. Summer pick in photosynthesis andtranspiration rates of desert acacia trees. Daphna Uni, Weizmann Institute of Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  6. Safety and suitability of the seed-feeding weevil Melanterius compactusfor biological control of Acacia salignain Israel .Netta Dortchin, Tel Aviv university.
  7. The flood is coming: Effects of flooding on Nachal Shita vegetation. Pro. Marcelo Strenberg.
  8. Effects of industrial pollution in Nahal Ashalim on Acacia trees: Methodological insights. Dr. Ofir Katz, Desert & Dead sea R&D.
  9. Identification of new stress-resistant bacteria with potential biotechnological and agricultural applications. Danit Parker.
  10. Reserving the Acacia Trees in the Arava. The Fast train to Eilat as a case study. Asaf Tsoar, Southern district ecologist, INPA.
  11. Complex approach to analysis of tree water status – instrumentation and data processing. Jiri Kucera, Environmental Measuring Systems, CZ.


Registration is required, entrance is free, number of seat is limited!